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Live Music

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Saturday, 18th November

Watts Russell Arms

Old Spot Music duo, Rowan Piggott and Joe Danks, combine a love for traditional Appalachian music with modern sensibilities to produce a sound that is unique, energetic and filled with joy – foot-stomping fiddle tunes and lazy banjo backbeats, unique arrangements and close harmony singing that produce bursts of joyful harmonies. 

Rowan Piggott is a folk fiddler, traditional singer and tune collector who grew up in the foothills of the Burren on the west coast of Ireland, surrounded by traditional music. Joe Danks is a multi instrumentalist and singer  based in Wirksworth, Derbyshire. Joe released his debut solo album Seaspeak in 2021 to critical acclaim and national press coverage

Past Events

tamsin elliott &
tarek elazhary

Friday 15th September
Watts Russell Arms

Tamsin Elliott & Tarek Elazhary.png

Tamsin Elliott is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and film-maker based in Bristol. With roots in folk music, experimental and ambient sounds. Check out her critically acclaimed debut solo album ‘Frey’on Penny Fiddle Records.

Egyptian educator and composer Tarek Elazhary seeks to preserve the musical heritage of the Middle East, while exploring its place within a contemporary context. He is the co-founder of instrumental band Dokkan, which blends eastern influences with contemporary western instrumentation.

Exploring the parallels and celebrating the idiosyncrasies of their respective traditions, Elliott and Elazhary aim to find commonality through meaningful and conscious collaboration. A dialogue born of mutual respect and friendship forms the basis of mesmerising cross-cultural conversations between lever harp, accordion, whistles and Arabic oud, a dreamlike interplay between UK folk traditions and the melodies of the Middle East. They speak with the voice of a future-facing generation seeking to build something authentic and original.

Friday 9th June
Doors 7-11pm

Creative Peaks Presents:

Millicent Chapanda

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Millicent Chapanda is a British-based Zimbabwean Shona cultural artist, traditional mbira player, percussionist, singer, dancer and storyteller. Her music is nourished by Zimbabwean traditional ceremonials where vibrant spiritual and secular music is a key part of bringing people together in devotion, praise, reflection and celebration.

Suggested donation £5

Vegan dish £8

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Juliette Lemoine &
Heather Cartwright

Thursday 27th April
Doors 7-11pm

Juliette Lemoine’s emotive cello compositions are a euphoric celebration of the theme of freedom. Redefining the role of the cello in Scottish music, the fluidity of her bowing and ornamentation is inspired by traditional fiddle techniques, breathing new life into the instrument. She’s performed at Blas Festival, Celtic Connections, HebCelt, Aberdeen Jazz Festival and the BBC Proms and she’ll be joining us after the recent release of her stunning debut album ‘Soaring’.

Showcasing a Fylde guitar, custom made in Cumbria by Roger Bucknall, Heather Cartwright experiments with open tunings and fingerpicking techniques. She has recently been on tour to Austria with Young Traditional Musician of the Year 2018 winner, Hannah Rarity, and performs regularly with singer and songwriter Beth Malcolm.

The performance will be followed by a jam session around the fire as always.


Suggested Donation £5 (please support the musicians)

Vegan dish £8

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Saturday 11th February
Doors 7-11pm

Creative Peaks Presents:

Two Mirrors

A reflection of the infinite emptiness within: anguished contemporary folk songs echo through the autumn mists and whisper of the tragedy of the shallow seas. Ancient myths and reincarnated sorrows seep through the melodies and irregular phrasing to shape the earthy and introspective sounds of Two Mirrors.

After their set Two Mirrors will be leading an experimental folk jam session with ambient soundscapes and rhythms of the olde world.

Vegan dish for £7:50

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Wednesday 20th July
Doors 6-11pm

Pale Stranger

Pale Stranger 3.jpeg

Saturday 17th December
Doors 7-11pm

Creative Peaks presents:

Cloud Colours


Come and join us for a jam session hosted by Cloud Colours. Bring an instrument or just come and soak up the vibes at our first session since the Lost in the Hills festival.

Fancy getting involved with Creative Peaks? Why not come along and talk to us about what you could bring to the table? We're looking to develop a programme of creative activities including visual arts, spoken word, dance, workshops and more in 2023...

Vegan dish £7.50

Cover photo by

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Pale Stranger

A warpy, wonky, dreamy electronic trip, dripping with nostalgia.

Free entry (donations for the musicians welcome) 

Vegan dish for £7.50

R Loomes

Saturday 9th July 6-11pm

R Loomes 2.png

Gloomy electric folk, intricate and entrancing finger-picking patterns and haunting vocal melodies that rise and fall with the moon. Derelict and reverberant.

Free entry (donations for the musicians welcome) 

Vegan dish for £7.50

Thomas Thinks

Wednesday 29th June 6-11pm

Tom Harris Watts.JPG

Sculpted hip-hop infused beats weave their way through intricately shaped arpeggios and synth lines, blending elements of free-improvisation, jazz, minimalism, electronica and ambient music. An underlying  experimental and meditative approach is treated with precision and poise.

Free entry (donations for the musicians welcome) 

Vegan dish for £7.50


Saturday 18th June 6-11pm

Toumaranke 4.jpg

Toumaranke will be performing music from Guinea with instruments including the balafon, ngoni and gongona.

Free entry (donations for the musicians welcome) 

Vegan dish for £6

Sentido Andino

Wednesday 4th May 6-11pm

sumac window charango.jpeg

Sentido Andino will be performing a collection of traditional Andean folk songs and South American laments. This father and daughter duo will transport you to the Andean mountains with  their mesmerising and intricate arpeggios and soaring passionate vocal melodies, imbued with the spirit of the Incas. Instruments will include the charango, cuatro venezolano, ronroco boliviano and the bombo andino.

As always we'll have the fires going outside on the terraces and there will be a jam session before and after the performance.

Free entry (donations for the musicians welcome) 

Food: vegan quinoa cousous  for £6

Photos by our favourite photographer, the amazing Iyisha Rose. Check her work out here:

Jam session

Saturday 9th April 6-11pm

Come and join us for a jam session round the fires on the terrace. This week we'll have some African and Middle Eastern percussion, guitars, hand pans and fire toys. There will be a mixture of original and improvised music as well as some sing-a-long classics. Bring an instrument or just come along and have listen. 

There will be a vegan dish for £5 on the night.

Sentido Andino

Wednesday 1st December 6-11pm

Come and join us for another jam session. This time as we'll be featuring a short set from Sentido Andino, performing folk and contemporary tunes from Equador on the charango, cuatro venezolano, ronroco boliviano and the bombo andino.

sentido andino.jpeg

As usual we'll have the fires going on the terraces and there will be an open jam before and after the set. All welcome.

Food: Vegan Locro de Papa (south American stew) for £5

Cloud Colours

Saturday 13th November 6-11pm

Cloud Colours poster 1.jpeg

Seikou Susso

27th October 6-11pm

Gambian Kora player and griot Seikou Susso will be performing West African songs.

The usual jam session will take place before and after the set.

Food: vegan domoda, Gambian-style, peanut stew (£5)

seikou susso 1
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